Survival Food

Survival Food

Are you ready?  Are you prepared?  The three most basic needs for survival are food, water and shelter.  Do you have these available in case of an emergency?  Every home should have at least a 72-hour survival kit with emergency ration stored and stocked with at least these three basic survival necessities.

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Storing water is a fairly simple task.  You can either buy it in plastic bottles or jugs or fill your own containers with tap water.  You should have the means to filter, purifiy and store your water.  It can be done, chemically with household bleach or commercially available tablets.  The best way is to boil it, in which case you'll have to have a metal container and a portable stove.  Individual water test kits are advisable and easy to use.

Shelter can be as elaborate as a tent or as simple as a rope and a tarp. Additional items such as; extra clothes, rain gear, blankets, (space blankets work well) and sleeping bags are additional items that can be stored with your shelter to make it more comfortable.

The most difficult item to maintain in a home emergency preparedness kit is food.  It is possible to store canned goods or dried food but they do have shelf lives and are tempting items to remove from a survival kit if they might be needed rather than making a quick trip to the store.  The best answer are Meals-Ready-to-Eat, MRE'sMRE's are designed for long shelf lives with complete nutritious meals all contained in a simple package with minimal storage space needed that may even be considered a gourmet emergency meal -  They require no preparation and as such become the perfect solution as a survival food for any home's emergency preparedness kit.  Easy: Cooks in the Pouch. Outdoor Gourmet Meals - 10% off any order! Click Here for Offer

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