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You have an emergency plan and are in the process of building a survival preparedness kit.  Have you discovered yet what is by far the toughest thing to maintain in your survival kit?  Food! - 10% off any order! Click Here for Offer

The answer is , MRE's meals ready to eat.  Meals ready to eat are completely cooked meals sealed in 'retort' pouches.  A retort pouch is a three layer thermo stabilized laminated food container.  The food is initially put in the pouch, cooked, then sealed.  Since the retort pouch is sterile and air isn't introduced after the food is cooked, MRE's can be stored for up to ten years (and maybe longer) without spoiling.  In those ten years this food is as complete as it was when it went into the pouch.  It has the same flavor, texture and juices that were present originally.   These emergency rations even maintain the same nutritional values. MRE's are also available as side dishes and desserts.

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The MRE was designed by US military scientists in the mid 1970's as a replacement for the infamous K-ration.  The requirement was for something light enough that it could be carried by troops, eaten hot or cold, easily shipped, long lasting and virtually indestructible.  Sound like a product that would meet the needs of your emergency preparedness kit?  Not only does it meet the needs for your survival, it does for the astronauts on the Space Shuttle too.  NASA successfully replaced their 'toothpaste tube' and the freeze dried foods that the early astronauts had to endure with MRE's, finding that MRE's were more natural, as robust and even reduced the inherent stress of space flight.

In over thirty years of service now, the MRE has been continually refined and the contents modified making them even more nutritional and flavorful.  The cost may be a little higher than your local supermarket's canned or dried foods, but the convenience of having a complete balanced meal in a virtually indestructible single package that has an almost indefinite shelf life exceeds the price difference. 

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